My Introduction To Tony Robbins

If I think back to my introduction into personal development it all started with Tony Robbins.  He was the first person that I ever listened to within this genre.  I had never read anything about self help before until I was introduced to his work.

A good friend, someone who was a successful network marketer, introduced me to Tony’s teachings.  I have to admit… it was personaldevelopmenthelpawkward at first.  I had never listened to anything before that talked about how to be a better person.  I wondered how I made it through 22 years of life not knowing about this area of life.

I guess there are a lot of areas that we don’t know about until it becomes an area of importance to us.  I can remember that time in my life.  I was all over the place with everything in my life.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career, and was struggling daily just to keep my head on straight.

As I think back to that chapter of my life, I remember all the struggle that I was going through… emotionally.  I always knew I wanted more, and deserved more.  I just didn’t know that it was me getting in the way of all the goodness that life had to offer.

In all the training that I’ve received, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s always us.  We’re either letting in the well being of the planet or we’re resisting it.  So I know back then when I was going through a very challenging time, it was me blocking and resisting the good that is my birth right.

I can say that today because I’ve learned how to allow more of that goodness to flow my way, and I’m still learning how to open the flood gates, which is so very close!  I can feel it.  So much great stuff has unfolded in my life as I’ve started to understand the way the Universe works.

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Welcome To Getting Out Of The Cage

You’ve made it here… welcome to my website!

I’ve been wanting to create this site for a long time, just needed to be the right time in my life to make it happen.  There’s a lot of time that goes into running and maintaining a website.  Someone has to create the content, publish it, and manage all of the updates.


So that’s all done and taken care of, and here we are!

I’m really glad you’re here and hopefully will come back often to be a frequent reader of my content.  I’ll make sure to deliver good value to you to give you a reason to come back.  Deal? cool…

You’re going to find a lot of useful stuff on here.  A lot of it I’ve gathered over the past 15 years of searching for things that will enhance my life and truly make a difference.  Believe me, I’ve seen and gone through a lot of books, training, mentors, courses. etc.

Here I will share what has made a difference for me.  Pick and choose what’s right for you.. and then implement it.  That’s one of the biggest things you can do, implement!  So many people get something that they think will help but then they never do anything with it.

Don’t let that be you!

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